Friday, March 13, 2009

Pi Day

... a day early. We have gymnastics tomorrow and a chili supper we have to attend. There will be no time to celebrate Pi Day ON Pi Day so we decided to do it today.

To start with we watched The Story of Pi.

We then used the What is Pi worksheet to figure out pi for the 4 circles. After figuring out pi for the 4 circles the picklets picked 5 circular objects from around the house and did the same for those.

We then watched Cyber Chase decimals. I love that Digit!

We found the mean, median and mode of the first few numbers in pi.

For lunch we had Zucchini crab cakes and figured out pi by using the same method c/d on their crab cakes.

Since it is also going to be Einsteins birthday we watched Einstein that I taped off the History Channel a couple months ago. He was a weird fella! He stopped wearing socks later in life. I'm not sure why that stuck, but it did.

We then watched this youtube video. We also watched this and this. And this. Also, this. This and This. And finally this.

We wrote Pi poetry.

We read about Sailor Pi.

We made our own Pi music.

Did some of the activities from here.

Used this website to find our birthdays in Pi.

We cut Pi to see if it was really a little over three lengths of diameter to equal the circumference.

We drew the diameter. The picklets drew a circle then took a ruler and drew lines through the diameter as many times as they could. It kept them busy for a

They graphed the first 50-100 numbers of Pi.

We started the free Pi Lapbook from Live and Learn Press.

We made a tuna pie for supper as well as a peach pie (served with cinnamon ice cream) for dessert.

We had a pretty fun day. I will post pictures once I actually take some more and upload them all to my puter.

© 2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines


School for Us said...

WOW!! You did all of that in one day?!? :-) You're amazing. Anyway, it sounds like a wonderful, educational day!

Bookworm said...

Thank you for your post congratulating the Boomtown Bonanza winners. Thank you also for sharing about the quote on my blog and how that particular Dr. Seuss book is a family favorite! ~Neat little story!

Gerky said...

I wouldn't recomend doing it all in one It was very rushed. I would have rather taken a few days to enjoy it more. Hopefully next year I will.