Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Blog

Welcome to The Homefront Lines. We are a classical, eclectic, un-schooling family of 5 who definitely march to the beat of a different drummer as if you can't tell from the description...lol.

DH and I have three kids. J is 13, in 7th grade and is an aspiring writer and artist. He cannot spell worth a darn but insists that is what spellcheck is for. V is 11, in 6th grade and is planning on being a video game tester when he grows up. He is very book smart and can spew facts on almost anything towards you. C is 9, in 3rd grade and wants to be a professional gymnast. She loves to read, play with her friends and do gymnastics. DH is an accountant, my soul mate and a pretty darn good daddy. We have two dogs; Millie and Gracie, three cats; Shadow, Palo and Purrsia, and 5 3-day-old kittens. We have named them 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. (We like animals, can you tell?)

I hope you will stop back often to see what is going on. Here you will be able to read about our homeschooling, our family and our extra curricular activities. You never know what we are going to pull next.

Happy Trails!

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