Thursday, May 8, 2008


I ran across some freebies this week that I thought might interest some of you.

Classic Science: Elementary Life Science---a free science curriculum for homeschoolers to download. You have to download each unit and/or chapter individually, which is a pain, but it looks to be a pretty nice curriculum. It comes with a student book and a parent book.

Splash---a watershed education program in Sacramento County. Take a look around the site for some neat ideas, worksheets and streaming video. Click on Mather Kids Web for some great nature based studies.

Trading Card Maker---I found this site at Martinzoo. It is so neat! You upload a picture of what you want, pick a color for your card, type in the information you want press CREATE and voila, a trading card that YOU made! Robin made trading cards on trees she and her son saw during their Greenhour Challenges.

Mini Book Maker---this is a neat tool for those lapbooker and notebookers out there. Enter your information and make a mini book!

Hopefully one of these will make your homeschooling life a little easier! Enjoy!

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