Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pretzels and Salt

After our Supervising Teacher left last week I decided we needed to do something fun. So I gave them a choice of things to do and they chose to make homemade soft pretzels and Navajo Salt Paintings.

We started off by putting dough in the bread maker for the pretzels. We used the recipe that Bobby Flay used in the pretzel Throw Down.
The kidlets then learned that some traditional Navajo paintings were made with crushed rock plants and other dry materials. In the tradition of those paintings the kidlets made dried material from sidewalk chalk and salt and set forth to creating their own paintings. It was a messy endeavour but fun none the less. You can find the directions for making your own here. Their end projects were wonderful.
When showing the projects to DH his comment was, "Those are great!"
Then looking at me out of the corner of his eye, "Is that my sandpaper?"
LOL...sorry honey!

After their paintings were done and set on the table to dry, we took the dough from the bread machine and shaped the pretzels. They kids had a fun time shaping them into what ever it was they wanted. The pretzels baked up so nice and brown. They were more bread like than pretzel, but they were good.

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momof3feistykids said...

What fun!

patrice said...

Hi there Juno,
thanks for visiting my blog! The recipe is really easy (and flexible) and quite tasty. I used a really yummy Trader Joes sour loaf that was undercooked. You know the kind that you brown before serving?

Chocolate Bread Pudding

3 c. chocolate milk (I used Ibarra's Mexican Hot Chocolate)

3 Lg. Eggs

3/4 sugar

1 tsp cocoa (I didn't have any so I left it out.)

6 c. cubed bread

1 c. chocolate (semi) you can use chips, or rough cut larger peices
3 tbs butter

mix milk + next three ingredients in bowl, add bread and let sit 15 minutes to soak up liquid. (Stir a few times.) Put all in a buttered 9" dish and bake uncovered at *350 for 50 minutes or until set. I've seen it with chopped pecans too.

Some say it's best eaten the next day so it gets "crusty" and firm. Annie likes it warmed with cream drizzled on top.


Stephanie S. said...

Hi Juno!
We like pretzels, too!
Glad to have you with us at Growing Naturally!

School for Us said...

How fun! I've added this link to my "to do" list. We've never tried pretzles and the Navajo Salt Paintings look neat, too!