Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Presidents In Order

When we first started homeschooling the kids learned The Presidents Song. This song names all the presidents in order. Even though it was 4 years ago, they still go around singing it. Today I got an email from a homeschooling friend asking if I knew of a good President song. Yessiree I do! I thought this would be a great time for V to debut his Presidential Powerpoint he made this spring. I am not sure how to put music to powerpoint so we video taped him singing the song as we scrolled through the show. Please excuse the poor quality...we are just beginners...(-: ~~~Update: you can find the original song here. If you register with the site you can download the song for free. I also printed of a list of the presidents name for the kids to look at while they sang along with the song. It did not take long for them to memorize them.~~~

And just for fun he made a President Song, Fast Forward. Enjoy!

©2008 The Homefront Lines


Summer Fae said...

Too Cool!!! I guess I need to learn the names now, huh?

School for Us said...

How neat! We'll need that one of these days... :-)

Bev said...

My kids loved the song, especially the fast forward one. How did you learn it?