Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visual-Spatial Learners

"Visual-spatial learners (VSLs) are those among us with powerful gifts of the right hemisphere. They are our artists, inventors, builders, creators, musicians, computer gurus, visionaries and healers. They are empathic and, often, very spiritually aware, even when very young. These children (and adults!) learn best when they are allowed to wallow in the right hemisphere, the source of creative thinking, humor, and imagery."
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I have always know Dill is a Visual-spatial learner. He pocesses the artistic, musical, creative, epathetic characteristics of a VSL and has ever since I can remember. We have been trying different techniques to help with his school work as he gets so frustrated with what I will call desk work. Now don't get me wrong...he loves to read what HE wants and he loves to write what HE wants (and does it all the time)...but reading a school book AND writing a report about that book is NOT up his alley.

So we implemented what we call "creative narration". After reading a book or reading a lesson he chooses a narration idea from a list we have. These include ideas such as writing a letter to a character in the book to making a radio ad selling the main idea. This has cut down the frustration of both parents and picklet. It hasn't solved all the issues concerning his school work, but it has definately improved.

Another change we have made is letting him type what he can. Typing his reports, stories and narration has cut down his frustration and actually made his work legible. If you try this method, I suggest using Dance Mat Typing for keyboarding practice. It has helped the picklets not develop the hunt and peck method their dad uses.
I recommend anyone with Visual-spatial learners to read this article. It really explains and gives some good ideas to help your VSL along the road to writing.

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