Thursday, September 18, 2008

Move It, Dig It, Do It

Every year we go to a hands on exhibit called Move It, Dig It, Do It put on by the Iowa Children's Museum. The kids can sit on construction equipment, blow the air horns (can you say loud?), make salsa, plant flowers, make stepping stones, make stickers from recycled materials all the while learning. There were so many exhibits that we ran out of time and didn't get to all of them. We had a great time.

Cool and the kids checking out some piece of equipment used for laying asphalt. Cool used to work for an asphalt company and was explaining how the machine was used. I refer to the machine as Rollie...I love Bob the Builder!
Cool giving Sweet her annual tattoo in the middle of her forehead. Check out the eyes on this cool.
This plane kept flying overhead...I kept expecting to see Snoopy.
Sweet making a stepping stone.
The kids viewed many different solar ovens. This one was made out of an umbrella and stew was cooking in the pot.
It was a beautiful day of learning and fun!

Happy Trails~~~

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Anonymous said...

It looks like so much fun!

Tinamama said...

this sounds sooooooo cool! now you got me googling to find out more about it, maybe to do something like this in our area!

and i found this site:

and was wondering if that pic was your daughter? (noticed the forehead! LOL!!)