Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

First off, this is not a political blog. I don't want to debate politics. I don't particularly care for politics or polititians and I really don't think either presidential candidate for '08 is ideal. I think they are full of hot air and promises that they can't possibly accomplish on their own. That stated I will say this: MORE GOVERNMENT AND HIGHER TAXES SCARES ME.

This morning while I was drinking my first cup of coffee (I am now on my third) I watched an interview with "Joe the Plumber" on GMA. He is an intelligent, hardworking man who believes in the American dream. An ordinary "Joe" if you will.

Intrigued, I did a You-Tube search and found this interview, though it isn't the one I saw this morning. It raises the issue of taxes and "fairness" which seem to be on the tip of the democratic parties tongues.

I know we all have different political views. That is the greatest part of living in America. We can all express our opinions and not be shot for it.

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Anonymous said...

I read about Joe the Plumber this morning, and I watched a snippet of the debate where it was mentioned. I am an Obama supporter, but -- based on what I've read -- Joe is correct. Obama's plan would make his situation more difficult. That troubles me, too.

I think if the Democratic party is going to raise taxes on *individuals* earning $250,000+ per year (which I don't have a problem with), they need to work out a way to exempt small business owners. Theirs is a flawed plan, though I don't think the Reagan/Bush "trickle down economics" approach worked either.

Like you, I don't fancy that either candidate or party is perfect, and there is plenty of hot air all the way around. :-) I just weigh all the issues and follow my conscience (as you do).

And I have ALWAYS wanted to see us evolve into a viable multi-party system, and I would love to see 3rd party candidates bringing NEW ideas to the table!