Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote However You Like

Another "political" post, oh my! Really I don't intend for these things to happen but since this video was sent to me by a friend the picklets haven't stopped singing. They dance, they sing, they scream, they learn. And it has a great CAN vote however you like. Gotta love it. Chip even put it on his MP3 player.

It teaches about politics in a way the picklets really not boring. I read some of the comments that were made about the kids being exploited, rasicim, leaning way to the left etc...but I don't buy into them. While I do feel it does lean a bit to the left, the split is pretty much down the middle and singing is a great way to learn . I know it was a great way for my kids to get into the election. I am sure I will hear this song for a long time to come. As always, preview before letting your own kids see.

If you are interested, the lyrics to the song are on youtube (just click the video and it will take you there). There is also a link for an MP3 download of the song.

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The Giggles Family said...

Politics or no politics... I am Canadian and this video is AWESOME! The kids were obviously enjoying themselves immensely what a great message for our youth... and everyone really!