Sunday, November 9, 2008

In support of a Fellow Homeschooler

I received a phone call this afternoon from Summer Fae asking, "Have you read Theresa's blog lately?" I went to Lapaz Home Learning and as I read the comments that were written on one of her posts, my jaw dropped and my heart went out to her.

It seems that some of Theresa's followers had an issue with her blog post entitled "Participating in History". In that post she showed pictures of election day activities that included baking cookies that spelled out "VOTE OBAMA". Some of the comments posted were uncalled for, unjust and down right rude, mean and spiteful.

The beauty of living in this wonderful country of ours is that we have the freedom to believe in what we want, support who we want and to vocalize what we want. Disagreeing tactfully with another's viewpoint is part of that freedom but let us not take that freedom for granted by criticizing and degrading those who have a different view than we do. Let us think about what we are saying before hurtful words are said that just can't be taken back. And though Theresa carrys on as if those hurtful words just roll off her back I cannot let them roll off mine.

I am using my freedom of speech by stating that I am a McCain supporter am absolutely flabbergasted that other McCain supporters could say such mean words! I am pretty sure John McCain wouldn't want you taking your frustrations out on a homeschooling mom just trying to teach her kids. Anyone who follows Theresa's blog knows she is a devote Catholic/Christian. She uses that faith in her teachings. She has class and tact and those are both evident in her blog posts.

A beautiful memory with her children was created election night that hopefully will carry with them the rest of their lives. Kudos to you Theresa and to those two beautiful children too! Keep doin' what you're doin' because it obviously is working!

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Anonymous said...

I saw her Obama party post, but I missed the mean comments. I assume she's deleted them by now. The world would be much better if people would abide by some simple rules of common courtesy and common sense -- if you can't have a civil, rational conversation about politics (or religion) keep your damn mouth shut. :-)