Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday!

We had a wonderful, relaxed, simple holiday. It was one I hope we will all remember in years to come.

The kids woke us up at 5am. I am told they were awake at 4:30 but waited until 5:00 before waking us up. In an effort to sleep a little while longer I had them go make coffee. Then we had wait until the coffee was done, as they watched TV in our room. Then I made them go brush their teeth. Then I decided I needed to charge my camera batteries. Then I decided I needed to have the cinnamon rolls ready to throw in the oven. All in all I held them off until 6:30. I considered that my Christmas present to myself. I called it kid

When we finally went into the living room, plugged in the tree and sat down Sweet spotted Felicity. I am now deaf due to the high pitched scream she let out. She loves Felicity with all her heart and I haven't seen her without holding her since she got her out of the box.

Chip and Dill loved their ocarinas as well as the DS games they received. The biggest hit of the day was the Nerf gun Chip received. It requires 6 D sized batteries but shoots the darts continuously. We have no batteries left in our flashlights because Santa forgot to leave batteries for it.

We all received fruit in our stockings which was of course used for breakfast. Along with the cinnamon roll tree and wreathe, we had a fruit platter with homemade fruit dip. It is a tradition, one I hope that will continue forever.

The rest of the day was relaxed and low key. We had appetizers for lunch and since Cool and I took a nap, for about 4 hours in the afternoon, also for supper. The kids watched Myth Busters and played with their presents while we napped.

We really learned that we don't have to have a ton of presents to have a wonderful Christmas. With a pathetic Christmas tree, less than $300 (including food) and the love and spirit of what is our family, we had one of the best Christmas's I can ever remember.

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Alicia said...

It sounds wonderful! The pictures are lovely too. Glad it was such a special day. :)