Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ABC Robics

To get their blood moving I usually send the picklets out to walk to dogs. But, I have been exploring new ideas so I can get involved in the morning exercise that doesn't require me to go out into the cold...I chill so.

We have various workout DVDs including kids Tae-bo and yoga for kids. So, I decided to dig those out. And I totally plan on using those. But while perusing you-tube for different, fun ways of exercising, I found ABCrobics. I showed it to the picklets and they thought it looked like fun, so yesterday we tried it. The picklets had a great time and it really is a workout!
So, we got to thinking...why not spell our names? Why not practice spelling? Why not expand to numbers? We had a great time playing around with our ABCrobics. I am sure it will continue to appear in our daily activities for exercise, spelling and just plain fun.


Stephanie said...

This is a great idea!
I think my babes and I will have great fun with this one when we're feeling the need to "get some of it out"!

Stephanie said...

This post is featured today on Growing Naturally.


Summer Fae said...

That is awesome! It looks like so much fun.

Sarah said...

This looks great! My littles and I have been doing Tae Bo and Yoga Kids for a few weeks - I bet they'd like the change of pace.