Friday, January 23, 2009

Caught Up!

We have finally caught up on school work for the last 3 weeks. Really we only had a couple of art projects we needed to finish up on but it was driving me nuts not having them done.

I don't know about you but when we run short on time art gets pushed on the back burner. I guess by putting art off I don't feel as if the kids are really missing anything because art isn't a requirement. After working today I know that I am way off base in that way of thinking. The kids really like art and Chip is really good at it. He takes his time and really puts thought into his pieces.

I think there is a difference between art and craft time. I have always had some kind of craft included in our schedules and yes it gets put on the back burner all the time. Glue this, cut that, color the next thing. It may help spark a creative flame in the kids but it isn't art. But then again, one persons craft is the next persons art and vise-versa. The sculptures in downtown Cedar Rapids prove that! (I have think the city wastes an extraordinary amount of money on outdoor art in the downtown area. Spending the money on a downtown wi-fi (like IC has) and making it available to all would be a better expenditure IMHO)

Back to art...

Art (and/or craft) is important not only for the culture but for the beauty it provides the world but also for the self esteem, self accomplishment and focus it gives the kids. Letting them express themselves also shows what they are thinking, how they are feeling and gives them a creative outlet for stress and anger. We all have an inner artist no matter what medium and style we used.

OK, enough rambling...I just need to remember this and employ it in our daily lives.


Summer Fae said...

Neat sculptures.

I think that you are correct when it comes to art. See in my house everything else tends to get put aside for the art. The kids are always creating their own projects. I just need to remember to take pictures of them. LOL.

Summer Fae said...

I just tagged you. Tag your it!!