Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Inauguration

The picklets were fortunate to be able to witness history this past Tuesday. We all sat in front of the television, the picklets with an Inaugural Viewing guide on their clipboards, listening intently to President Obama's speech, tallying references to the Constitution, Declaration, Congress and other things.

It was long but Chip found it interesting and found more references than the other two. He has a great interest in learning about America, it's laws, it's government and it's history. This election has opening his eyes to the changes. It is hard to believe he will be able to vote in the next election. Scary in fact.

We, as a family, talked about the inauguration. Compared our hopes and dreams for America to President Obama's. Sweet has decided she wants to be president when she grows up. (She may be the first Olympic Gymnast President)

Inauguration day afternoon the picklets and I worked together on putting together the Lap & Note Pack that was offered free from CurrClick. Though it didn't emphasize this inauguration it was an eye opener to the history of inaugurations and how far Americans as a whole have come.

We really had a relaxed day, learned a little and revelled in history.

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