Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundhog Day

As is the Wicked Pickles tradition, Groundhog Day was celebrated in style...lol. Well, not really.

We have participated in Project Groundhog for the last three years. We studied groundhogs, the holiday, our community, etc. This year we opted not to do that. "We have learned enough about groundhogs," per the picklets. I tend to agree.

So instead, we just continued on with our quirky little traditions.
  1. Dress as shadows. Dress in all black and, voila, you are a shadow.
  2. Have groundhog-in-a-hole for breakfast. Some might know this as toad-in-a-hole, twin sun moons or frog-in-a-hole but for this auspicious occasion it is known as groundhog-in-a-hole.
  3. Watch Groundhog Day during breakfast forsaking all school work and educational read alouds.
  4. Try and name each and every food that touches ones lips during each meal. For instance, mozzarella sticks are "tree stumps", carrot chips are "groundhog teeth" and chunky vegetable dip is "groundhog upchuck". Yes, we are sick at times.
  5. Enjoy a special dessert of groundhog cake. Really, this is just an oatmeal chocolate cake made with wholesome ingredients such as applesauce and flax seed but it is special because it is named "groundhog cake" afterall.
Hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating Groundhog Day!

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