Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ah, 'tis Monday. Lots of odds and ends takin' place.

We are taking this week to explore the Irish side of us. I am about a quarter Irish and Cool is almost half Irish. We haven't embraced the Irish sides of our families, possibly because the picklets aren't old enough to visit the pubs yet. I guess St. Patrick's Day is good enough a reason to study Ireland though.

The picklets started their day with watching Discovering Ireland A Celtic Treasure. It was a lot of scenery and music. Dill has decided he wants to visit Ireland. I can't blame him, it looks beautiful.

I was then going to read a biography of St. Patrick aloud but decided not to. We have studied St. Patrick for the last two years, reading books and biographies. I started to read one biography and stopped. I let the picklets watch this instead. Veggie Tales is a fun way to review.

The picklets then picked a subject to research about St. Patrick's Day, Ireland or anything related. Dill picked the symbols of St. Patrick's Day. Chip picked Ireland, which I find very broad. He may have to pin down a certain part of Ireland or subject of Ireland but only time will tell what he will do. Sweet wants to study leprechauns. Dill started his research and PowerPoint.

I then read two stories from Irish Sagas and Folk-Tales by Eileen O'Faolain. These are a bit tough for me to read aloud and bit hard for the picklets to follow, but we will continue on with the book. I know they are listening because they keep blurting out the answers to math problems with in the book. 9x9 tax-gatherers and 50x3 soldiers. I love books that have hidden math in them. ;-)

That was it for Ireland. After eating a lunch of quesadillas and boxed mac and cheese (icky), we had to get ready for my grandpa's wake. Dill really wanted to wear a tie and I had no idea how to tie it. So, I sat Dill down in front of the computer for a how-to video on YouTube. Gotta love YouTube! My whole family complimented Dill on his tie tying. All the picklets looked very nice.

We met at my Grandma's house at 3:00 and talked for a while before heading to the funeral home. At the funeral home we looked at pictures and reminisced before friends and family came to pay their respects. I was really dreading this. I didn't think I would know anyone. I ended up talking the entire night. I knew most of the people who walked in and they all recognized me even though it has been 20+ years since some of them had seen me. Given the circumstances, it was a pleasant, relaxing evening.

After the wake, we went back to my grandma's and ate sandwiches, veggies, chips, jello, and dessert. We sat in the kitchen and living room, relaxing, eating and enjoying the time with each other. My grandma is really doing well, though she gets teary eyed every once in a while. I am afraid she is going to wear down with these longs days but I know after the funeral tomorrow things will settle down for her, for all of us.

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Summer Fae said...

Dh learned to tie a tie watching youtube as well. LOL