Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Exactly What I Expected

Yesterday did not go as I had expected. Not at all.

Cool and I got up and had coffee as we usually do. But we were very quiet because the dogs got into the garbage and spread it across the kitchen. Not a good way to start the day, ya know.

I then went out to start his car and the door was frozen shut. I got it open, started his car and the door wouldn't shut. I got his lunch and coffee ready and cut some veggies up to take for lunch at our supervising teachers. Cool left for work only to come back in a few minutes later unable to get his doors to shut. On top of that, he locked the door to try and loosen the lock up and couldn't get it unlocked. At that point I had five minutes to get the picklets up and ready to go to town for the day.

The picklets got up, got dressed, brushed their teeth and were in the van ready to go in record time. I got my clothes together, threw lunch in a bag, grabbed my laptop and headed off. The van was silent the whole way to town. Not a word was spoken.

We dropped Cool at work. The picklets were hungry. I didn't grab anything for breakfast so I headed to Panera. We took the bagels and hot cocoa to the Sokol building. We got there, I turned up the heat, sat down to check my email and found the cord to my computer was not in my bag and the computer battery was dead. I searched my purse for my phone to call Cool about the cord. My phone wasn't there. I asked the picklets for their phones. They didn't have theirs either. We sat there and ate in silence.

I did bring the Irish Folktale book and read a chapter to the picklets after we finished eating. (Yeah, some school was accomplished!) We talked about the rest of the day and remembered that we forgot the piano books. So, I had to call the piano teacher and cancel lessons for the day. She was still asleep. Silently wished I was.

At 9:00 we went to my parents house so I could shower and get ready for the visit with our supervising teacher. It was nice to relax over a cup of coffee with my mom.

Chip and my dad have decided to go into business together so they went to the basement to work in the workshop. The other two watched Discovery. I showered, made sandwiches for lunch and talked to my mom. A little before 11:00 my dad came upstairs, got in the fridge and said, "Us inventors are thirsty and need some pop." I decided we were going to be late to our lunch date with our supervising teacher. My dad needed this and so did Chip. I went to call and tell her we would be late but I didn't have my phone. I looked her up in the phone book but she wasn't in there. So, I had to get on my mom and dad's ancient, slow, dial up computer and look her number up. I couldn't get to my email because it kept timing out. I finally got to her number...25 minutes later! My parents really need high speed Internet. I called our teacher, she didn't answer but I left a message.

At 11:30 Chip and my dad came upstairs, Chip covered in sawdust. They sat at the table with wallpaper paste and Chip painted paste on their new business venture. After he finished we left for our lunch date.

We drove the 3 minutes to our destination. Our supervising teacher lives in a security building so we pushed the button and waited. We pushed it again but still no answer. Sweet figured she was busy so we waited some more. Dill pushed the button again. Still no answer.

Then our teachers neighbor came out. Our teacher got sick and was at the doctor. She called, left me messages and emailed me. Of all days to walk out of the house without my phone and not be able to use my laptop. We thanked her neighbor and went back to my parents house.

The picklets ate lunch and watched Discovery some more. I drank more coffee and ate a ham salad sandwich. I vacuumed the living room and hallway for my mom, talked to our supervising teacher when she called my mom's house, finally got to check my email and headed to the Sokol building around 3:00.

We cleaned up and got ready for the gymnasts. Sweet and Dill made welcome back signs and hung them up. Chip helped one of the coaches hang a bulletin board and some clocks. I picked Cool up from work at 4:30. He was still in a bad mood.

Gym class started at 5:30. It was soooooo cool to have our gymnasts in our own building. The gymnasts were happy too. It was perfect! One of the coaches brought a huge cookie as a treat for after class. Then walked in the Sokol president with two pans of brownies...still warm from the oven. HEAVEN! The only thing that was missing was a cup of coffee!

We stayed at the Sokol building until after 9:00. I was counting out school fliers and sorting them into groups of 25. Cool and the boys coach hung up the rope. Then came the fun. The picklets and their friends (the Sokol Presidents kids) climbed the rope, swung on the rope, made up tricks on the rope and had so much fun. THEN Cool, El Presidente (as we call our buddy) and the boys coach climbed up the rope. It was a riot!

We were supposed to go out for steak but ended up going home and eating pizza rolls and left over bagels. I had 10 missed calls on my phone. My grandma called twice and wanted me to go to her house to pick up left over food. Chrissy called twice. My supervising teacher called a couple of times. Miss a day, miss a lot. We got to bed before 11:00 which I thought was pretty good considering.

So, even though the day started off on a not so good note, it was a great ending to a not so perfect day.

© 2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines


Bookworm said...

I wanted to thank you for your comment!

I am really looking forward to the drawing on Monday!!!

Thank you!

School for Us said...

Sounds like a crazy day!