Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Aardvark

During our life skills day I established rules and consequences. I needed the work done without the drama that sometimes protrudes. So I gave the picklets 1 warning at the beginning of the day. I told them they would get 5 strikes and they were out. At the strike of 5 they would be handed an encyclopedia, a notebook and a pencil with instructions.

At about 4:30 Dill was handed the A encyclopedia and was told to write a report on the life of the aardvark. Now I can't take credit for this. I actually stole the line from Mrs. Sturack, the deranged babysitter
from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead, one of mine and Cool's favorite movies.

Dill at first thought I was crazy and then complained that he couldn't find aardvark. The encyclopedia ended with "AM" so he couldn't write the report. I had to point it that he couldn't find it because he was spelling it wrong. (spelling) Then Sweet said, "just spell it the way Arthur does...A-A-R-V-D-A-R-K!" She then went around the house sing the aardvark song. (music???) If you get to about 2:42 into the video you can hear the aardvark song.

Anyway, Dill read the paragraphs about the aardvark and wrote the following "report". (reading)

The Aardvark
by Dill Pickle

The aardvark eats ants and termites. It uses it's claws to break into termite nests and it's sticky tongue to catch them. Unlike anteaters, it has 20 rootless teeth that can grow back its entire life. When they cannot get to safety, the aardvark lays on it's back and uses it's claws to defend itself. The female has one baby at a time. The aardvark comes from Africa, from the United Arab Republic to the Cape of Good Hope. (writing, handwriting language arts, science)

Cool laughed and laughed when he heard I assigned a "life of the aardvark" paper today. I have to admit I chuckled too.

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Danielle said...

That rocks! I should try that one with Beet!

Alicia said...

I love this! Brilliant, effective AND funny. :)