Friday, April 3, 2009

Free Stuff

While searching the web aimlessly this morning I found some pretty neat stuff. I thought I would share.

Free Art Coloring Pages: This site is really neat. You can find classical art coloring pages. From da Vinci to Van Gogh and artsits inbetween. If you are studying an artist or just want to expose the kidlings to classical art check this site to see if they have a coloring sheet to corespond. Also check the side bar. There are links to coloring sheets for mandalas that look really cool.

Rhyme Zone: This site is great especially since it is National Poetry Month. Type in the word you need a rhyme for and hit the "go get it" button and a list of rhyming words will come up.

Abiator's Interactive Zone: Wow! From math to language arts to learning styles to unit studies. This is a pretty rad site. Click a link and explore all there is. Some of the inner links are not working but most of the links do. You won't be sorry for checking it out. :-)

Amy's Electronic Classroom: Amy has math helps for grades 3-8. There are some fun looking activities on here. We are going to mathimatical poetry today.

Have fun!


Dot said...

thanks for playing MSCE April! I've added you to the list here:
Do stop by and check out some of your fellow participants, too!


kathy said...

These are great sites! I've not heard of any of them. Thank you so much - we will peruse all of them.