Saturday, April 18, 2009

Make Something Cool Project 6

Sweet received The Double Daring Book for Girls from the Easter Bunny this year. The last few days have been filled with making these cute little worry dolls.Photobucket
These are made with twisties from bread bags, cross stitch thread a bead and hot glue. She has really had a lot of fun making these for important people in her life and the resemblance to these people are uncanny. Plus they are pretty darned cool.

Sweet doing the splits in her uniform.
Sweet and her coach. Sweet is in her uniform and her coach is in her instructors shirt.Photobucket
Sweet and mommy. Sweet is wearing a very cut outfit that matches the outfit she was wearing that day. Notice all the Sweets have purple hair because Sweet wants me o dye her hair purple. I am in a jean skirt and am sporting red hair. She put me in my grey hoodie because I wear one all the time. She even put a hood on the back made from hot glue.Photobucket
Sweet with grandma and grandpa in their camping clothes. Photobucket

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A Magical Childhood said...

Oh, they're darling! My kids would love making some too. Thanks for the idea!