Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Seersucker Compliment

I had the nicest compliment paid to me this morning. I decided to treat the picklets to bagels and hot chocolate from Panera Bakery because they are stuck at the office with me all day. As I was standing there waiting a lady came up to me and asked if I am a teacher. I told her no. She said, "You really have that teacher look about you." So I told her I homeschool the three kids. She said, "I knew it. You really do look like a teacher."

So, I went out to the van all smiley and happy and told the picklets about it. I told them it had to be the seersucker capris I am wearing today. Sweet then pipes up and says, "Either that or you just look mean."

Hmmm....I wonder if that is a crack at me or a crack at public school teachers.