Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Mama

I am back from the campground working this morning and had to post this little story. It just makes me smile and feel great thinking about it.

Last night Sweet, Dill and Sweet's friend Banana went to the beach to play. They found a clay pit and decided to smear each other in it. They were covered from head to toe, in which I will post the picture when we return from camping.

Anyway, I sent them to the shower to clean up for bed. My mom and I walked to the shower house to make sure they cleaned up the shower after washing off that enormous amount of clay that covered their bodies.

After Dill got done I was walking into the men's room when an older gentleman walked up to head in and take a shower. I said, "Oh, I'm sorry but I just need to check the shower to make sure he cleaned it up." The gentleman said it was not a problem and stood out talking to my mom. After looking at the shower I called Dill in by his first and middle name. He went in and cleaned it up.

While we were walking through the restroom I told Dill he needed to apologize to the gentleman for making him wait. Dill walked out and said, "I'm sorry sir." The gentleman thanked Dill, looked at me and said, "That's a good mama!" and proceeded into the bathroom.

I thanked him and looked at my mom. She then told me that when I called Dill in by his first and middle name to clean up his mess the gentleman told her, Now there is a good mama."

Though I was only doing the responsible thing it really makes me good to know that others notice it.

Now back to the campground! Happy Memorial Day.

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