Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School Planning

I guess it is that time of year. That time where I completely second guess EVERYTHING. That time where I consider myself a failure as a homeschooling mom. That time where I find THE perfect choices for the upcoming school year, or not. The school year that, for us, begins right after our July 4th camping trip.

So far, I have come up with the following. Nothing is set in stone and I suspect will change before the week after next. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

This year, in hopes of getting ourselves structured and on a loose schedule, we are going to use a "work box" system. If you haven't heard of the work box system, you can find samples here, here, here, and here. There are many other examples, a book by Sue Patrick that explains this in more detail and a Yahoo Group for those who love their groups. I really think this is a neat idea and I don't think that Chip will get overwhelmed with this system as he will be able to see his accomplishments. Cross your fingers for me!

Since I love the classical approach to education, I am using resources from Old Fashioned Education and Ambelside Online this year. I am also scouring the "What Your ____ Grader Needs to Know" books (borrowed from the library) and my Home Learning Year by Year book to gain inspiration. So far nothing too inspiring has happened but I have some ideas that I think will be fun this school year.

Mindsprinting will be our math and reading comprehension curriculum. We started using Mindsprinting during the Spring and the picklets really like it as do I. It also has state standards, which really don't float my boat but it is nice to know they are working on what the fish in public schools are working on. As a supplement to the math, as well as extra practice pages, the picklets will play games on various websites. I will be placing the links on my sidebar as we use them.

Since we cleaned out our homeschooling closet, I found some treasures that I will be utilizing this coming school year. Mostly just for extra practice but also because we can "tag em and bag em"... AKA...they are mobile. There will be at least 2 days a week we will be away from home because of work and gymnastics so mobility is important.

Lapbooking is going to play a big part in our upcoming school year. I have yet to decide whether I want us all to work on them together or to let the picklets pick which lapbooks they would like to do. I am guessing a combination will work well for us.

I am collecting a list of fun things to include in the bins that are actually educational. Whether it be drawing a chalk maze to see if ants will follow it or doing Nature Detective activities or playing multiplication war or tea time or writing club or art night...you get the point...fun can be and IS educational.

In addition to our "new curriculum" choices we have to get a chore schedule in place. The picklets have to help pick up the slack. With Cool working 2 jobs and me working part time and having to admit I am not the worlds best housekeeper, there is alot of slack. Plus I think the kids must have been pigs in their former lives. Nothing seems to get put away, thrown in the garbage, picked up...etc. So certain chores will need to be done in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Some chores will be personal and some will rotate.

So, this is a rough outline of what I am doing. VERY ROUGH! When I finally figure everything out I will start posting on my sidebar. So, be on the lookout! Great things are upon us this school year!

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Laughing Stars said...

I love reading your plans, and the workbox idea is very cool! I totally relate to your questioning and feelings of inadequacy. Thanks for not being afraid to say it out loud. ;-)