Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool's Tests

What a day yesterday was. Cool had his cardiologist appointment at 10:30. We met with the cardiologist. He concluded Cool needed a stress test and an ultra sound of his heart.

We had to go to a little room for Cool to have an IV put in. He was then injected with some dye that with before and after pictures will show any blockages he might have. After the IV was in and he was injected, he started sweating and turned white as a ghost. He said he needed to lay down. The nurse said she would be right back with help to get him into another room. I stood in front of him, fanning him with a magazine. The next thing I knew his eyes rolled up into his head, his head went back and he started shaking. Thankfully the Dr. walked into the room at just that time and took over. He started taking Cools pulse and said, "We need to get him on the floor." He held Cools head. I looked in Cool's eyes and they were totally blank. A nurse got a cool compress for his head. Another nurse got a fan hooked up blowing on him. The doctor asked if he had a history of seizures. My head was reeling, my whole body shaking, tears rolling down my cheeks.

About 30 seconds later Cool started coming out of it. He was very quiet and looked around, still out of it. They got him a bottle of OJ and he sipped on it. He looked at everyone wondering what was going on. He then looked over at me. I guess he figured something pretty big happened because he asked me if I was OK. I said, "I am now." I was still shaking.

They let him stay in that little room with a fan blowing on him for a few minutes and then told him he should step out for a breath of fresh air. The minute he got outside he started feeling light headed and woozy. I went inside and told the receptionist that he needed to lay down. They had him in back in two shakes of a lambs tail. He collapsed on the table, drained of all energy he had. I fanned him, told him not to get used to it and held his hand.

They took him back for the before pictures and he fell asleep during the 20 minute session. Then it was time for the stress test. He was really worried about it because he felt so crappy. But he came through it with flying colors. He stayed on the treadmill for almost 9 minutes when the doctor said he had walked enough.

After that was the ultra sound. I know that hurt him. She poked that wand thingy hard into his side and stomach. I could see it on his face.

The results were not too bad. No blockages. Yea! But he has a thickening in the heart wall. This explains the shortness of breath and his weird arm sensations. It also explains the other times he has been to the ER in the past couple years with the same symptoms. I guess getting a cardiologist of his own was the way to go.

I told a friend of ours, who has her masters in nursing, all about the day. She asked if the office had given him Benadryl before the dye. When I told her no she told me at the hospital they always do. A lot of people are allergic to the dye and that isn't an uncommon reaction. Crikey!

Needless to say I was drained at the end of the day but before I went to bed I put my arms around Cool and said, "You scared me. Don't do that again." Then I got into bed and thanked my lucky stars.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so very glad he is home and okay. Shame on them for not giving him the Benadryl!

Joi said...

I am so glad that he is ok.