Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 4: Cookies

Day 4: It's National Cookie Day. Let's bake some cookies!

This didn't happen. The picklets had until 11:00 to get their chores done. They were warned. Timers were set. The chores didn't get done. The cookies didn't get baked. I had to ground the picklets because of their behavior, tone of voice and attitude 20 days before Christmas. I am sad about this.

What is Santa going to think?

Let's hope for better days to come...


AFwife99 said...

I am sorry that attitudes and hearts are not in the right place for your kids. I know my DDs are having some issues also. I hope you all can spread the joy of the season.

MamaTea said...

I think maybe its the Christmas Flu starting early. My darlings are a bit (ok a lot) on the difficult side this month. Darn it Santa...why'd you pick such a snaggy month to come??

Enjoying your blog!