Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 6: Check Your Shoes

Day 6: Who remembers what day it is? Go check your shoes!

After they told me what day it was they all went and checked their shoes. St. Nicholas got tricky this year and hit them in different places than just in their everyday shoes. Tee-hee. After finding the treasures the picklets were pretty happy.

Sweet, who looks very tired in this picture, received jacks (that are plastic and don't work nearly as well as the metal ones) and a package of Starburst.
Chip found his in one of his cowboy boots.
He received a peg game and a package of Starbursts.
Dill received a wooden puzzle and Starbursts.
These games kept the picklet occupied on and off all day long.

Yeah for St. Nicholas Day!

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