Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 7: Holiday Letter

Day 7: Write a holiday letter telling of your year.

The picklets moaned and groaned about this one. Oh dear, you mean we actually have to write??? Though they didn't want to, they each wrote a lovely letter which will be sent to everyone on our card list. The letters are as follows:

From Chip:

Happy holidays.

In January I was elected Czech Prince. In April, the day before my birthday, during the Sokol competition, I won first place out of two, but I still got a trophy. The next day I turned 15.

This year was the first year I detassled. It was hard work but I liked it. Luckily it only rained once, though it was the coldest day of my life. At the end of it I made over one thousand dollars.

This year I started two things I really like. One is moviemaker. So far I’ve made three movies. I made one about Naruto, one about the flood of '08 and one about 9/11. The other thing is writing. Even though I have been writing for a long time I just started writing a book.

I started a youtube account, jmkirk15. There you can see my videos.

I just started my new job, shoveling at the church. Today was the first day I got to do any thing. And those are some of the things from my year.

From Dill:

Happy Holidays,

This has been a very eventful year. First in March we finished rebuilding Sokol, our gymnasium and put in the gym equipment at our new location.

Later in April we had our annual Sokol Slet, which is a gymnastics competition.

Also in April was Chip's birthday. In August was my birthday.

In November was the Sokol pancake breakfast and Sweet's birthday.



From Sweet:


This year, 2009, was fun.

In January Chip was elected Czech Prince. In February we celebrated daddy's 42nd birthday. In March I passed my sash for Czech Little Sister on. In April we celebrated Chip's 15th birthday.

In September we went camping and we celebrated Dill's birthday with mommy's and grandma's. We also went to Hooverfest where we got cake and cantaloupe for Labor Day and President Hoover's birthday. It was really fun.

In October I went trick or treating with my 2 friends. And in November we celebrated my birthday at Texas Road House and I got my new cell phone that has a QWERTY key board. Oh yeah, in August we started deliver the newspapers in town.



I think they are absolutely delightful and will bring a smile to friends and family this holiday season.

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