Monday, December 28, 2009

The Monday after Christmas

Happy last week of 2009! Where has the year gone to?

It is about 6:30 Monday morning. We have delivered papers, have laundry going and have done the dishes. Everyone is sleeping except Dill and myself. We are both morning people and don't mesh well with the other late sleepers. But that is OK. It gives us one on one time plus alone time.

I trust you all had a good holiday. We certainly did. We spent Christmas Eve with Sweet's best friend Beet and her family. Beet's mom has been one of our best friends for a number of years. Cool and I are her children's Godparents and really enjoy getting to see them. Too bad they are growing up so darned fast. Beet's brother is going to be a senior next year and Beet will be in Middle School. Scary.

The picklets so very happy with their gifts. Sweet received an American Girl (Kirsten) from Santa. She was so excited. Dill received the Bakugan thing he wanted and Chip received a video camera. Santa was good to them this year not only giving them their gift but also filled up our stockings with Snickers. How did he ever know that we love Snickers?? He also brought Wii Music.

On Christmas night we opened family gifts. We don't wrap individually. It is our little nod to Mother Earth. So the picklets receive their gifts in a gunny sack, tied at the top. We pile the clothing on top of everything else. It is rather fun to watch the clothes fly as they try to get to the rest. The nicest part is 95% of what was in the bags was used, either from garage sales or Goodwill. It teaches them a good lesson in economics as well as recycling.

Cool received a drill that he really wanted. His cordless broke during the summer and has been talking of buying himself a new one. The picklets and I took care of that for him. He loved it.

I received the purse I showed Cool at Goodwill. Genuine leather and wild, like me! It is so cool!

We had our annual tree shaped cinnamon rolls along with homemade fruit dip and fresh fruit for breakfast and snacked on snacky stuff the rest of the day.

Sweet bought her brothers Harry Potter 6. We all sat on the couch and covered with a big blanket. It was a great way to relax and stay warm.

My mom and dad were supposed to leave south on Christmas Eve. The weather has had other plans for them. Each day they say they are leaving the next morning. Maybe this morning will be THE morning. They have waited 40 years for this and are excited so the weather is frustrating them.

Anyway, that is what is going on here. Have a great rest of 2009!

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