Friday, January 1, 2010

The ABC's of Me

The 2010 version of the ABC's of Me!

Available: Nope
Age: 39
Annoyance: Whining
Animal: Giraffe, Whale, Cat, Dog
Beer: In my younger days. Now I am more of a strawberry daquiri girl.
Birthday: September 3
Body Part on opposite sex: Hard one but I really like the eyes. Something about those eyes on my man that makes my heart melt.
Best feeling in the world: Hugs and kisses from the picklets and Cool. Also, when I see the picklets accomplish something they have been working very hard on. Something about that inner self confidence booster that makes me giddy.
Blind or Deaf: I remember when I was a senior in highschool and took sign language. We had a question and answer period with the deaf students. One of the questions that was asked of one of the boys was, "Would you rather have your sight or your hearing?" He answered unequivitably his sight. I have to agree...there is just something about watching the beauty of nature unfold.
Best weather: 72 degrees, slight breeze
Been in Love: yes
Been on stage?: Yep. I played the doctor in a play written by Sonya in 6th grade. It was about a girl who had Ryes Syndrom. I sucked.
Believe in Magic: Absolutely
Believe in Santa: Oh yes. Santa makes an appearance all year through good deeds. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
Candy: Oh man, I have a sweet tooth. I love Starburst, Snickers, Snicker Almond, Milk Duds, JuJuBes, Whatchyamacallit, M&M Almonds, Skittles, anything dark chocolate
Color: This changes on a daily basis. When the kids would ask me what my favorite color is I would always reply rainbow. Now they ask me what my favorite color of the day is.
Chocolate/Vanila: Oh I do love my chocolate!
Chinese/Mexican Food: Chinese all the way baby.
Cake or pie: Pumpkin Pie
Continent/Country to visit: I would love to visit the Czech Republic, Norway and Ireland.
Cheese: All cheese except bleu
Day or Night: Day
Dancing in the rain: Every chance I get!
Do the splits: Just a few minutes ago when I slipped on melted snow on the bathroom floor.
Eggs: Any which way I can get them. Scrambled would be my least favorite. Dunkin' my absolute favorite with deviled a close second.
Eyes: Yes, two.
Everyone's got: History.
Ever failed a class?: Unfortunately, yes.
First thoughts waking up: The paper better not be late.
Food: T-bone steak and Rice Krispie Treats
Greatest Fear: Death whether it be mine or a loved one. Not getting to see my children grow up. Not getting to meet my grandchildren.
Goals: To be happy and healthy. To have a happy, healthy family.
Gum: All.
Get along with your parents?: Yeppers. I would say my mom is my very best friend next to Cool that is.
Hair Color: Depends on the day. Currently it is brown with gray. Next week it might be red or eggplant. Who knows?
Height: Used to be 5'7" now I am closer to 5'6". Help me, I'm shrinking!
Happy: Most of the time.
Holiday: I think Thanksgiving and Halloween are my two favorites. Halloween because it is fun. Thanksgiving because it focuses on giving thanks to those past and present.
Hate: A strong word that not allowed to be said in this house. It is a hard word to take back once it is used.
How do you want to die: In my sleep, with my family around, peacefully.
Ice Cream: Metropolitan known to normal people as Neopolitan
Instrument: Piano and guitar. Currently teaching Sweet to play the guitar. I still love it.
Jewelry: Nothing at this time because my fingers are so fat my wedding ring won't fit without cutting off the circulation. Normally though is my wedding band.
Job: Wife, mommy, homeschool teacher, newspaper deliverer and office minion in my spare time
Kids: Three fruits of my loin known to others as the picklets. Chip Pickle is 15. Dill Pickle is 13 and Sweet Pickle is 11.
Kickboxing or karate: Neither, thank you. Have been thinking of taking up Tai Chi or Feng Shui though.
Keep a journal: Yep. Only except I call it a blog.
Longest car ride: Can't remember. Used to travel alot when I was a kid.
Love at first sight: Yep, three times in my life known as Chip, Dill and Sweet
Letter: Don't know. Does this mean letter of the alphabet or favorite letter I ever received. I have never given much thought to my favorite letter of the alphabet. Who has time for such nonsense. My favorite letter I ever received came in a small mailbox Chrsitmas tree ornament that Gaga made for me. She made an envelope to fit inside, wrote a letter and put it in the envelope. I still read it each Christmas.
Laughed so hard you cried: All the time
Milk flavor: Milk in a bag...any flavor will do as long as it is Milk in a bag.
Movies: Oh there are so many. Going my Way is one of my favorites. Of course there is Grease 1 &2, Highschool USA, Poison Ivy, How to Make an American Quilt, Coneheads, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Christmas Story, Sister Act 1&2, Back the Future 1 & 3, Hairspray, Mama Mia and so many more that I can't remember.
Mooned anyone?: Yes. Unfortunately there is a picture to prove it.
Motion sickness?: Oh God, yes!
McD’s or BK: Burger King for burgers. Mc D's for fries.
Number: Even though I don't have time to think of having a favorite letter of the alphabet I do have a favorite number. It also happens to be Cool's favorite number. We are solemates ya know. 13
Number of siblings: None
Overused phrases: Phrases I use or other people? For others, "Ya know what I mean?" Uh no, I don't know what ya mean otherwise I wouldn't have asked! For me..."There you have it." and "Funny." I am sure there is nothing funny about hearing funny 50 times in a phone there you have it.
One wish: Health and Happiness.
One Phobia: I am a major hypocrondriac. I can't watch shows like ER or even Scrubs. Scares the hell outta me.
Place you'd like to live: I really like Iowa. If I could I would love to live in Northeastern Iowa with the hills but definately Iowa.
Pepsi/Coke: Real Coke, Diet Pepsi.
Piercings: I have three holes in one ear and two in the other. I never where the earring though.
Quail: Isn't there something else that begins with a Q besides quail??? I say quilt starts with a Q. Yes, I love quilts. I got a new quite from Gaga for Christmas. I love it! Quill starts with a Q. Yes, we have one and the picklets us it all the time. They even seal their writings with a wax seal. Queen starts with a Q. Yes I want to be queen for the day, no I have never met a real one. Quota starts with a Q. Reminds me of Rosanne and the quota they had to make while working at the Welman Factory. Quotient. Have taught that to the picklets. Really now quail????
Reason to cry: There are many. Love, hate, jealously, scared, numb, surprised, happy, sad.
Reality T.V.: LOVE IT! Worlds Strictest Parents, Super Nanny, Wife Swap and others I can't think of right now.
Radio Station: Depends on my mood but it is either current pop or the mix of 70's-today.
Roll your tongue in a circle: Yep and can tie a cherry stem in a knot too.
Song: Anything by Billy Joel. Also like Meatloaf and Bon Jovi.
Shoe size: My height is decreasing but my shoe size is increasing. Up to a 9-10.
Salad Dressing: My mom's homemade 1000 Island.
Sushi: Let me count the ways....
Skipped School?: Yep, hated school with a passion. Would call myself in sick until I got caught. Then I just skipped.
Slept Outside: Yep
Sing In the shower?: Yep. I normally make up my own songs.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Both as long as they are fresh.
Tattoos?: Nope
Time for bed: 8:30
Thunderstorms: Love the thunder. Hate the lightning.
TV: See reality TV above.
Touch your tongue to your nose?: I am tongue tied...that would hurt.
U -
Unpredictable: Life
V -
Vacation Spot: I don't have a preferred vacation spot but I have favorite vacation spot memories. My favorite vacation spot with the kids was St. Louis and Chicago. My favorite with Cool was Puerto Vallarta. My favorite with my parents would have to be the Floriday trip.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I don't know. Each of my friends acts a bit like me in different ways.
When you grow up: I don't wanna grow up!
Who makes you laugh the most?: I don't know. Probably the picklets.
Worst feeling: Alone
Wanted to be a model: Uhhhh, NO!
Worst Weather: Freezing rain
X -
X-Rays: Dental and of my foot when I was in 9th grade and fell up the back flight of stairs running to get to class on time.
Y -

Year it is now: 2010
Yellow: Sweet
Z -
Zoo animal: Giraffe
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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