Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Mommy

Poor Dill. He got himself a case of the stomach flu. Monday afternoon about 5 he started throwing up. And he threw up and he threw up and he threw up. By 7:00 he had thrown up 6 times. He then layed on the floor and started shaking. Poor lil guy.

I called the nurse and gave her his symptoms, afraid he was going to dehyderate. Dill never gets sick, he scared me. She understood. She gave me simple instructions like, cover him up, don't give him anything to eat or drink and not to panic. If he starts having diarea with his upchuckal consistantly then we should consider taking him to the hospital. She instructed me to give him a sip of real pop in 15 minutes. If he can hold that down give him a tablespoon of real pop 30 minutes later.

I gave him a sip of room temp Sprite. I set the timer. 10 minutes later he threw up for the 7th time. An hour later he threw up for the 8th time. A bit later was #9.

Then he fell asleep. Zonked out. I sat in the chair next to the couch for about an hour, making sure he was OK. Then went to bed.

At 3:30 my alarm went off. The light in the living room and dining room was on. I woke Cool up and asked him why the lights were on. That's when I found out what a terrible mommy I am. Cool informed me that, "Dill woke you up and told you that he has diarrhea and threw up again." I sat up. "He did? What did I say?" Cool said, "You asked him if he cleaned it up."

I shot up out of bed, ran to the living room and apologized to Dill. I felt terrible. How could I ask my sick baby if he cleaned up his puke?

Dill, my sweet middling child said to me, "That's OK mommy. I am better now."

How sweet was that? Though his tummy was still a little upset and he was weak he felt better yesterday. He ate chicken noodle soup, some toast and drank Sprite.

I don't know how he feels this morning as he is still sleeping. But...Sweet woke up complaining that her tummy now hurts.

Happy Humpday!

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MamaTea said...

Oh my!! You are not a terrible mama! Maybe tired...but not terrible! Hope whatever illness it is leaves your house quickly :) Take care...