Monday, February 8, 2010

Iowa Eagle Cam

We are absolutely fascinated by eagles. We always pull over to the side of the road when we see them. In fact last week Sweet and I sat in the snow on the side of the road watching an eagle. I took terrific pictures of it but can't upload them because my camera cords have disappeared. Can I tell you how happy we all were when we saw this Eagle Cam in Sunday's paper? We have been entranced watching eagles ever since! And what makes it even better is this nest is located up around my old stomping ground.

This site has been active on our laptop since yesterday morning. Whenever we walk by the 'puter we take a gander. Cool called us all in yesterday so we could watch the eagles bring corn stalks up to the nest. I called the picklets in this morning to watch one of the eagles work on the building the nest up. It is so educational and so cool. We even started taking screen shots so we can study the birds better. It's also pretty cool to see that the weather in Decorah is as gloomy as the weather here.

Here is some information on the Decorah Eagle Cam. If you are interested in learning more about eagles in the Upper Mississippi Area check out American Eagle. (We are watching it during meals and snacks today.) Read this to learn the difference between male and female eagles. Here is some information from Bald Eagle Info. Enchanted Learning has some pretty cool information too. The Iowa DNR tells about Iowa eagles. The DNR also has Bald Eagle Watch Events. Summary of Bald Eagle Information for Iowa. Here are some lesson plans on Bald Eagles. And, if you get tired of seeing the nest empty, you can watch these eagles on Youtube. They are quite amazing!

I hope you and your "picklets" enjoy this site as much as me and mine do.

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That eagle cam sounds so cool thanks