Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekly Learning Review

Public school started today. Why they start on a Thursday is beyond me. The picklets were antsy to sit outside and watch the public school kids walk to school. Point and laugh is how Cool phrased it. "No use," I told them. "You re-started Monday from a 2 week break and have nothing to laugh about." They sulked.

So instead they slept until 9, ate Poptarts for breakfast, did 90 minutes of school, mowed at Gaga's and kept pretty busy. School went pretty good this week. We are kind of falling into a groove, something we desperately need. The work has been book and paper work for the most part. We will start more fun projects in September. Here is the run down.

  • Unit 1 PASS Government
  • Unit 1 PASS Integrated Science
  • Khan Math
  • Unit 1 PASS Life Management
  • copywork
  • dictation
  • worked on Unit 1 PASS English 1
  • Word document assignment


  • Khan Math
  • Worked on Unit 1 PASS English 1
  • word document assignment
  • dictation
  • copywork
  • Unit 1 PASS Earth/Space Science
  • Unit 1 PASS World History
  • Worked on Bakugan Lapbook
  • Read 6 of the 7 Harry Potter Books (grounded from TV)
  • Read Sir Fartsalot
  • 20 minute free write


  • Khan Math
  • First 4 days of Odin from Lesson Pathways
  • Grammar with Laughter pgs 1-4
  • The Long Ride Home lapbook
  • Worked on 17th and 18th Centuries lapbook unit 1
  • Read from Exploration and Conquest by Betsy and Giulio Maestro
  • Read about renewable energy (lesson pathways)
  • 20 minute free write
  • Bald Eagle Science
  • Read Cold Case File and Kidnapping File
I am sure there was more I can't think of right now but I think in all it was a good start. :-)

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