Thursday, September 23, 2010

7 Things

Yet another random item I am throwing into our day. I was rummaging through some unfinished paper work and found a list I started a long time ago entitled 7 Things. the idea is to write down 7 items for each topic. It got me to thinking, why not have the picklets look deep within themselves and list 7 things for some topics. So, I sat down at the puter and typed up some topics. Some of the topics are from my sheet and some I just thought up.

This is not an easy project for an adult to do much less a hormonal teen or an even more hormonal pre-teen. But it is really neat to read what their thoughts are. I think I will have the picklets do this each year. It will be interesting to see how their thoughts and feelings change.

If you are interested in doing this with your kiddos, here is the list of topics I used for the picklets.

7 Things I can do well

7 Things I can’t do well

7 things I notice about my brother

7 things I notice about my sister

7 things I say most often

7 beautiful things I see in the world

7 not-so beautiful things I see in the world

7 books I wish I had written

7 things I want to really do in my life

7 things I wish I could change

7 random thoughts

7 of my favorite things

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