Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharing a Fire

Sharing a fire with a person is a camaraderie amongst campers in these parts. Sometimes it brings to light how short life really is.

My mom and dad went camping this past week. Tuesday night my dad called me and said he was lighting a big fire. I understood as the nights are getting quite chilly but in the back of my mind I wondered why he would call to tell me. The next day my dad told me that he was sitting by the fire and behind him heard a voice ask, "Can I share your fire?" My dad turned around to see a young man standing there. He said, "Sure," and offered to get him a chair. The young man said he had been sitting all day and would rather stand. My dad noticed he was in spandex and presumed he was a biker.

They got into a conversation and the gentleman told my parents that he was biking across the United States. He started in Oregon and was working his way to Pennsylvania. After reaching Pennsylvania he was going to head down the coast to winter in Florida and then head to Las Vegas. He was hoping his money would last a year so he could finish what he started. My parents were pretty impressed with him.

This morning my mom she told me she read in the paper that the bicyclist they shared their fire with was killed in an accident that very next day. The article reads:

Oregon bicyclist killed in central Iowa accident

MONTEZUMA - The Iowa State Patrol said a bicyclist from Oregon died in a collision with a truck near Montezuma in central Iowa.

The Des Moines Register reported that (removed for privacy), 33, of Albany, Ore., died in the Wednesday accident. The patrol said (removed for privacy) was pedalling on Iowa Highway 85 when the truck driver spotted the cyclist and moved to the center line to give him more room.

Officials said the truck's front right tire failed, causing it to move hard to the right and hit Morris. The truck, driven by (removed for privacy), went into a ditch and rolled over.

I honestly believe all things happen that for a reason. Though I cannot say why the life of this young man, who made such an impact on my parents was taken so abruptly and at such a young age, I do believe my dad calling to tell me that he was starting a big fire was part of that plan.

I found this turn of events quite freaky. I have not blogged as yet about the changes happening in our lives (I will soon) but I have been stressed to the max about everything. In a way I feel my dad's call was a way to tell me that big fires are built all the time and can be abruptly extinguished, one way or the other.

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