Sunday, November 14, 2010


Rules we have adapted.

Get rid of it if:
  • have duplicates
  • don't like it
  • don't use it
  • don't wear it
  • don't need it
  • don't want it
  • out of style
  • needs excessive repair
  • in cupboard/closet for 6 months or more without using
  • pieces missing
  • doesn't fit
  • don't do anything for me
  • tired of it
  • don't have room for it

Keep only if:

  • love it
  • use it
  • need it
  • fits
  • have room for it
  • holds a deep memory
And....if something comes in, something goes out.


Stephanie said...

I love those rules! I'm going to keep those in mind for our use.

Joi said...

Good luck. When you get done...wanna come here?