Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have a perpetual Honey-Do list for Cool. Most of the time it doesn't get done. I'm not saying Cool doesn't do things around the house by any means. He cooks supper at least three times a week, he does the dishes those nights, cleans the porch, does laundry and picks up the nights that I am not home. But when we are both home, I want him to relax. Now, that could be because I want to relax myself and seeing that he is relaxing makes me feel less guilty for relaxing. Regardless of the reasons why, the relaxing ultimately makes the honey-do list long and intensive when we finally decide that it can't be put off any more.

To take a pro-active stance on this whole list making and accomplishing business, I have decided to make shorter honey-do lists for Cool. Two or three things, tops. That way it isn't labor and time intensive and maybe, just maybe things will actually get done.

This weekends list consists of:
hang pictures in Sweet's room
hang pictures in hallway
take extension cord out of bedroom
hang curtain rods back up

OK, so that is 4 things but it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours tops. And if these things get done then the house will be that much closer to being what we might consider done. Of course, probably by the time we get to the point we consider "done", I will decide it is time for a change and the process will start again. Oh well.

~~Happy Trails~~

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