Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Cool works a second job as a pizza delivery dude. Some nights are good, some not. Last night was not so good.

Cool delivers in the hood, as he affectionately calls it. It is an area of town where not so nice people live in run down houses and have many curbside visitors. The area is pretty scary. In fact when I have to drive through there, the car doors are always locked. Period.

Last night I called Cool to tell him we were on our way home. I ask him how his night was going. Sweet had put my phone on speaker and I was trying to transition it when he said something that to me was mumbled. I responded with, "That's good." In truth, I didn't really hear what he said but since his answer is always the same, "ok", I didn't see the problem with the usual answer. That was so not the case last night.

He responded with, "Did you hear what I just said!?! I JUST GOT ROBBED!"

Um OK, so that hit me in a place I wasn't quite ready for. I threw zillions of questions his way, "Are you OK?" "What did they take?" "Did you call the police?" "Did they have a weapon?" "ARE YOU OK??" I don't think I gave him time to answer, I just kept asking, my voice getting more shrill as I went along.

Now, maybe it is a guy thing but besides being shaken up, this whole episode didn't bother him too much. "I'll explain it all when I get home. I need to go now." Dumbfounded, I hung up.

The kids and I got home and ate supper. Determined that I was going to stay up until Cool got home I turned the TV in the bedroom on and started watching King of the Hill. Cool woke me up at 11. I asked him how his night was. He just looked at me. Oh yeah, oops.

He took a double order, dropped off the first one and headed to the second. When he pulled up the house was completely dark and was abandoned, but there was someone sitting on the porch. He got out of the car and said, "Did you order a pizza?" The person on the porch told him to go to the side door. Hesitantly Cool looked around and decided there was enough light from the street to still see and went to the door and knocked.

Two guys answered the door, demanded the pizzas and took off. No weapon was shown. Cool yelled that he was going to call the police. They yelled back, "Go ahead."

The police were there, guns in hands, ready to search the house and Cool's cell phone rang. Yes, I have impeccable timing. :-} The police didn't find anyone. Cool didn't think they would since they ran off. The restaurant decided they weren't even going to file a report. I am not sure but I don't think this says much for the safety of their drivers.

Cool isn't so much sure he was robbed as pranked. What he does know is $50.00 worth of pizza was taken from him by 3 guys who could have just opened the door and shot him. He feels very lucky that they just took the pizzas and ran.

Delivering to deserted houses shouldn't be in his job description but unfortunately in that area it happens frequently. The houses, though they don't have electricity, water etc, are still lived in. Scary and sad at the same time.

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Stephanie said...

Oh no! That is so scary! I am so glad he is all right.

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