Sunday, December 12, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 12

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”

Michael Pritchard
I started this ongoing post at 3:50 this morning. I never got back to it so I thought I would just start a new post.

The papers were delivered to me about 7:30. It took us until 11ish to get them all done. That also included us getting stuck and having to call my knights in shining armor out in the blizzard to dig us out.

It was bitterly cold with high winds, whipping snow and banks as tall as the picklets. I don't understand how the banks got that high since we only received about 3 inches. Musta blown down from MN.

When we got home, Cool had hot cocoa for the picklets and coffee waiting for me. He is feeling much better today, though is not totally 100%. But the fact that he felt better than he has in days was all it took to have a great day. He decided we should have "Family Fun Time". That not only included good snacks but fun for all.

For four hours we sat around the diningroom table playing games. Our first was Scrabble. We got down to the last few tiles we had left and decided if the picklets could make a word AND give us a plausible definition we would count it. Hilarious! Here are the words they came up with.

ovix: a mineral found in Ethiopia
qwinwin: an extint animal from Australia
vlkneercater: a rare Jewish species of caterpillar found in rain forests that cures gallstones, used mainly by Amazon people
bamfone: an ancient musical instrument derived from the woodwind family, originally from Egypt
tallygiti: psychic art used in medieval times to weaken ones enemies in time of battle

I honestly didn't know if we would ever stop laughing!

We then had a rousing tennis match on the Wii. Dill was the overall champion.

Then we played Buzzword. Talk about a game that makes you use your mind. The rules are to work in pairs and you try to get your partner to guess the words that have the "Buzz word" in them. Since we are odd numbered we read the clues to everyone and the first person to guess the correct answer got a point. The game ended in a neck to neck battle between Chip and Dill. They are both very witty and very fast thinking.

We then had "Happy Family Movie Time." We watched Cats and Dogs 2 The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The wit in that movie is subtle and really made Cool and I laugh. While we watched that we ate our supper of pork roast, dinner rolls, peas and salad.

The second movie we watched was The Sorcerers Apprentice. This was such a good movie. I could watch it over and over again. It had a touch of Merlin, Fantasia, Star Wars, love, drama and good versus evil all in one. We all loved it.

It has been said that laughing is good for the soul. I think that is right on. It was exactly what our souls needed today.

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