Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have been MIA this week. Monday my computer crashed. The hard drive died. This is the second time in 6 months. Thank goodness for the extended warranty we purchased when we bought the computer. We called Dell on Tuesday and the new hard drive was delivered on Wednesday. The hard drives are now "self-installable", so Cool installed it Wednesday night. Unfortunately, all was lost on the old hard drive. I told Cool that for Christmas I want an online back up service. He better oblige.

Cool's car is still not heating so we are down to only the van. That means all of us leaving by 6:45 so Cool can get to work on time. We have been hanging out at my parents house during the day. It is close to almost everything and we enjoy taking advantage of that. Cool is used car hunting for us. Thank goodness for Consumer Reports. :-) I informed him that no "new-to-us" car will be brought onto our property until a couple of the other cars vacate the premises. He took that to heart and has found a company who will tow them away and still pay us about $200 each. That takes some of the sting out of having to pay for another vehicle.

I am fighting a cold/sinus infection. It started Tuesday afternoon. We went to my MIL's house for supper and I asked for some sinus medication. She gave me two Benadryl. I was sacked out on the couch by 7:15. She woke me up in time to pick Sweet up from gymnastics. Thankfully Cool was driving because as hard as I tried to stay awake I still fell asleep twice on the way home. By twice I mean from town to halfway home and from a mile past half way home to three miles from home. :-/ I was down and out all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday fighting the fatigue and icky feelings. Friday I felt somewhat human but today I have drainage and a cough. I am hoping we are well for Christmas Eve and Day. Big plans are in the works.

As for our countdown, not much has been getting done. We couldn't do any of the computer stuff Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I was sick Thursday and Friday we ran errands and had to pick Cool up from work early. We did watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, Hairspray and Mama Mia. Sweet finished the nativity scene for grandma and grandpa she was coloring and I baked two batches of cookies to send to them. That was it.

This next week we are preparing for the holiday. Friday night we are going to our friends house. It is a tradition to spend Christmas Eve with them and we are so looking forward to it. I am making chili and cornbread to take.

Saturday we are going to Gaga's. I am taking our traditional meatloaf, red cabbage and mashed potatoes to share the tradition with her. She is looking forward to having us visit though is not sure of the food we are bringing. It isn't traditional to her. Oh well.

We are looking forward to a great Christmas week and a great week after because Cool is off. Hopefully good times will be had, much needed rest will be gotten and overdue cleaning will be done.

Happy trails~~~

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