Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet's Tooth

Last Thursday night Sweet complained that her tooth hurt.  She has never had a cavity so we took this hurt quite seriously.  After looking at her gums we saw they were swollen.  We gave her some aspirin and sent her to bed, fully expecting to have to take her the the dentist the next morning.  But we found the swelling was down and the tooth was loose.  Hoping it was a 12 year molar we waited to take her to the dentist. 

Good thing too because it was a 12 year molar ($100 saved!)  The tooth was evidently very ready to vacate it's location because early yesterday afternoon it was hanging on by one root and the other tooth was part way in.  Guess that explained the irritation Thursday night. Photobucket
It was pretty neat.  But the coolest thing was that it could be turned completely around. Seriously.  We videoed it.

Sweet finally pulled it out about 2, after getting tired of playing with it I guess.  She isn't obsessing anymore and life is calmer.  She set it in a cup of water to await the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Of course, the tooth fairy forgot to stop at the bank and get a golden dollar yesterday afternoon.  I wonder if the she ever leaves jelly beans that are meant for Easter baskets instead?

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