Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I meant to post a Mother's Day wish for everyone yesterday but time got away from me. A little late but I wish you all great memories, huge hugs, lots of love and little spoilin'.

My Mother's Day started the same as any other Sunday. I got up, fought with the kids to get up and delivered papers. You woulda though they would get up without telling me they don't want to on Mother's Day, but they didn't. ;-) It turned out to be a perfect day regardless of the wretched paper delivery.

Some highlights of the day were Chicago Dogs for lunch (no picture...they went to fast!),

planting 24 tomato plants and oodles of peppers,

lettuce and spinach,

cilantro, parsley, catnip and chives

and the worlds most crooked apple trees.

We found the bleeding hearts blooming. They are about to be wiped out by the ferns so will have to be replanted soon.

The doorbell rang mid morning. Whoda thunk that FedEx delivers on Sunday but they do! Beautiful flowers from the picklets and Cool along with a box of chocolates.

They dug in and this is what is left. Happy Mother's Day??

Along with the flowers I received this picture of a bear cub from Dill, straight from curb shopping last weekend and Chip downloaded one of my favorite videos onto my iPod. Sweet says she still has something to give me but it will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.

And as a Mother's Day gift to myself I started deep cleaning the kitchen.

I scrubbed the insides and outsides of the cabinets,

I threw things away,

and organized.

I only got three cabinets done though. I really think I have adult onset ADHD. I just couldn't finish something without getting distracted.

For supper we had chicken on the grill, grilled asparagus and Yukon gold potatoes with onions. It was so nice to spend the time at home being productive. We don't get enough of that anymore.

I hope your day was just as delightful as ours was!

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

If I remember right that is a Home Interior picture. My mother had it hanging in our own home when I was a child. I loved it and stared at it for hours. :) Enjoy it.