Thursday, September 15, 2011

List of Things to Do Today or Where is Me Time?

  1. Deliver papers
  2. Get Cool up by 5 so he can do some fund transfer for work
  3. Return from papers, fix breakfast, pack Cools lunch, kiss him goodbye
  4. Sign and address get well cards for my uncle and Miss Crisp's mom
  5. Finish laundry by 1
  6. Clean kitchen this morning only to mess it up again with lunch and re-clean
  7. School da kids (or keep saying go do your school work until I am blue in the face)
  8. Meet with supervising teacher at 2
  9. Take Chip to gym to talk about possible coaching job 3-3:30
  10. Take Sweet to another gym by 4
  11. Pick Chip up from 1st gym
  12. Go to Target for MIL
  13. Eat supper at MIL
  14. Pick Sweet up from gym at 6
  15. Take Chip to CAP by 6:30
  16. Go back to MIL and clean up from supper
  17. Pick Chip up at 8:45
  18. Head home
  19. Mentally run through tomorrows list of things to do
  20. Wonder when homeschooling turned into "You are never home-schooling"
  21. Fall asleep worrying that I won't wake up by 4 to deliver papers on time.

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