Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cartooning 101

Author Bruce Hale gave us a quick lesson in cartooning during our field trip. He explained there are 5 basic shapes you need to be able to draw cartoons.

O (circle)
. (dot)
_ (line)
) (half circle)
< (an angle)
Here is a video I took of Mr. Hale teaching the kids how to draw Bart Simpson and Chet Gecko.
With that information the kidlets tried this for themselves. They had alot of fun implementing the knowledge they gained to make their masterpeices.
a ghost dude

a creature of somesort
Bart and other characters
Isn't it amazing how a little nudge from someone they admire is all they need to jump in with both feet?

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School for Us said...

I love the drawing lesson! We might have to try Bart Simpson tomorrow. And, we'll have to check out a Chet Gecko book - we've never read one!

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