Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 15th Planting of the Garden

May 15th is generally the day that planting the rest of the garden becomes safe around here. by safe I mean safe from frost and hard freeze. NOT safe from rabbits and coon...but that is another story for another day.

So, planting is what we did. The kids got to plan, map and plant the whole garden. They did a wonderful job and check the progress daily. Unfortunately it has been chilly at night, cloudy most days and rather cool for this time of year so the seeds are not growing as they hoped. But they have hopes and dreams and the weather won't squash those.

We had all this we needed to plant. We found, after reading the seed packets, that we could not plant all this. Some of these should have been started indoors 8-10 weeks before planting them outside. How was supposed to know eggplant was part of the tomato family???
C planted Kholrabi and dill at the end of garden B. I think we may end up with kholrabi mixed in with the cabbage because half the package of seeds spilled on that part.
The boys worked together trenching the tomato plants until all 9 of them were planted. It was nice to see them work together.
In garden A the kids roped off areas and planted zucchini, cucumbers (or pickles as my grandma calls them), beans and yellow squash. We have room left over that is going to be popcorn but I forgot to get the seeds from the van today. It is on the schedule for tomorrow. There is also 9 tomato plants along one of the long sides.
Garden B has a total of 10 cabbage plants, 15 pepper plants, 2 half rows of kohlrabi and 1 half row of dill, as well as raddishes and onions. It is growing major weeds and needs to be mulched which will happen this weekend.

If everything grows will will eat very well this summer with peppers and zucchini frozen and tomatos canned for winter. We will keep our fingers crossed. :)

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