Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden Pizza

This year the kids had the option to grow a pizza. Intrigued they listened intently and readily thought it was a great idea! I found plans that I liked at a couple of different places. You can find a PDF that includes a pizza sauce recipe here and a 4-H instructional here. But if you don't like either of these, just do a search and you should have no trouble finding instructions you like.

The kids decided on 6 slices of pizza. Tomato, green pepper, mixed pepper, parsley and basil. They measured out a 4 foot square at the end of garden A. They roped it off and then made a circle shape with stones.They found the middle and after practicing reading the sundial they made, started to measure out equal slices.The problem...they couldn't figure out how to get 6 equal slices.No matter what they did the slices were uneven or the wrong number. So, they decided to add extra onion and spinach to our pizza.I had to sit back and let them work this out on their own and it was killing me. But I love spinach on my pizza so all is well with the world.
After everything was planted the kids watered their creation and are waiting patiently for the day they get to use the ingredients to make homemade pizza!
©2008 The Homefront Lines


School for Us said...

How neat! I hope it all turns out delicious. :-)

Freakmom said...

I intended to do something like that this year. But life got in the way and we just threw a bunch of seeds in the garden.

Hope yours turns out great!

(I followed a link to your blog from a blog I read frequently, of course now I can't remember whose blog that was! I'm not always this spacey!)

Melissal89 said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'd love to see any projects that you complete using Nature's Paintbox!

A pizza garden is a wonderful idea! We are growing box gardens right now and have a spot left, I may have to do this. I love pizza, especially with fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic and roma tomatoes.

Blessings, Melissa

Danielle said...

All I can say is Yummy! When's dinner?