Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 Flood

As you many of you know, we live in Iowa. In 1993 we flooded. The Cedar River, in the town which we are from, flooded. The sewers backed up, businesses flooded, homes flooded, it was a huge mess. We learned many important things from that flood and have talked about the "hundred year flood" every spring since. We will never forget it.

This year has been a bumpy weather year with much snow and ice during the winter. We weathered through that into spring. Spring has been bumpy as there has been below normal temperatures and much rain, not to mention above average tornadic action.
It has been said, with the rain comes the flood. Well, whoever said knew what he was talking about because it hasn't just flooded, IT HAS FLOODED! I cannot believe my hometown. Downtown is underwater and that is not an exageration. Bridges are underwater, the courthouse (which was built on an island to resemble a battleship floating in the Cedar) actually looks like a battleship floating in the Cedar, the Czech Museum (a nationally know museum) is underwater, the Science Station is underwater, the library; underwater, parking meters, street signs, parking ramps; all underwater. One of our hospitals is evacuating due to river water seeping in. We just keep watching the news saying, "Oh my God!" Unbelievable is just not strong enough. Our feelings we cannot express because it makes us want to cry.

In the middle of all this madness the kids and went out to see how our little piece of Heaven was doing amongst the latest 4 inches of rain. We knew, by looking around our little homestead, that we are very lucky. We might have some water standing in the yard, the gardens may be underwater and water might be seeping in the basement but it is nothing compared to the people, our friends and family, who have lost their homes, businesses and all their material possessions to a river that soared over it's banks, surprising us all at its rage, fury and greatness.

This is what most of the day looked like. Wet and soggy.

My poor, poor gardens.

We decided to see how deep the sidewalk was. Here are feet belonging to V, C, me and Millie the Wonder Dog.

While it wasn't raining, C took some time to dangle her feet in the rain water.

We are all ok and luckily (thank all that is good) there have been no deaths or serious injuries as a result of the flood of '08. We are very happy and downright lucky to live in this wonderful state. It is hard to see our town, the place we truly call home in such devistation, but, we also know when push comes to shove we will unite as one and overcome anything that comes flooding at us.

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Summer Fae said...

Just know that you are constantly in my thoughts.

School for Us said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your town. We live in Houston and we had a horrible flood about 10 years ago. People were trapped on overpasses for days, if I remember correctly. The hospitals had to be evacuated, downtown flooded. Anyway, we know what you are going through! And, our area, too, was spared.

I'm praying for Iowa! I will pray for the rain to cease and the flood waters to go away, and that everyone will be safe throughout this time. And, that many people will come to your aide!