Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Summer Science Club Fun

I am slow at getting to posting things...you should see the list, dating back to before Earth Day, of the items I need to post for my records. But that is neither here nor there nor the point (babe). The point of this post is a Science Club update. So here we go. If you are interested in having your kids participate in free summer science, click here. The last I heard, Joel still had openings.

Friday, C started her Kids Club project. She still has three more projects to start in which she is very anxious to do. Her first project was to measure herself now and then will again at the end of summer. She thought it was great to write on the door jam. (it is a secret from daddy...shhh) She then made her bird seed terrarium. She used a different birdseed mix than V did. She hung it on the window to wait for germination.
V's terrarium finally germinated. It went from nothing on Friday at 10:41 am to at least 10 mm roots on Saturday at 10:41 am. He measured, remeasured and then made me measure. His 12 day germination chart has begun.
C's seeds went from nothing at 10:57 Sunday to have 10-15 mm roots at the same time on Monday. This definitely goes to show that temperature has alot to do with seed growth...a great lesson this time of year. After 12 days we will post the final measurements.

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momof3feistykids said...

That is very cool! I was planning to sign James up for the summer science club, but I thought it might be too late.