Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Start of School

Monday we started school. While cleaning the basement Saturday, I found some workbooks that I have collected from Dollar Stores, garage sales, consignement and thrift shops. I didn't realize I had as many as I do, so that is what the picklets are working from. Works for me!

Chip is working from:

  • The Complete Book of Science
  • EM 4038 Reading and Writing Skills
  • Working With Words
  • The Complete Book of Math
  • Through the Eyes of a Teen
  • Reading Childhood Stories of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Dill is working from:

  • EMC 4077 Measuring and Calculating
  • Complete Book of Science
  • Real-Life Math Problem Solving
  • Healthy Happy Habits
  • EMC 1573 Real Life Reading
  • The Complete Bookf of United States History

Sweet is working from :

  • Health Safety and Manners
  • TCM 3342 Writing Paragraphs
  • The Complete Book of Science
  • Study Time Arithmetic
  • Summer Bridge Activities (reading, writing, arithmetic and language)
  • TCM 3321 Multiplication
  • Road to Writing Mile 3 Monkey Business
  • TCM 333 Reading Comprehension


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start. :-)

Summer Fae said...

Sounds like a plan.