Monday, August 18, 2008

Why We Homeschool

To Whom It May Concern...and you know who you are:

Please excuse the attitude displayed in this writing. I am angry and hurt and just don't even know why I waste my breath. But since YOU can't get through your head why we want to homeschool our children listen up...I am not going to go through this again.

Numero Uno: We DO know the value of a good education! Duh! Why do you think a public school will give a child a better education than a homeschool will? Did you know that Cool took an extra year to graduate AND graduated at the bottom of his class? Is that the best education possible?

Did you know the presidents on Mt. Rushmore were all homeschooled? Carly Patterson, Benjamin Franklin, Sandra Day O'Connor, Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Andrew Carnegie were all homeschooled. Are they failures? Were they all stupid because they were homeschooled? Did they walk a path of crime and ignorance? Will Smith, John Travolta, Lisa Welchel and Elizabeth Edwards all homeschool their children. Are they "stupid" because they choose the path less traveled. Robert Frost not only was homeschooled he also homeschooled his own children. Maybe his poem "The Path Less Traveled" was written because of that homeschooling experience. He definitely was not a failure as are any of these others that were mentioned.

I could give a million and one reasons why we homeschool but the only reason that should matter to you is this is the choice we have made. I could go into: they are safer, less apt to do drugs, less apt to follow the crowd, can learn at their own pace in their own style, can follow their interests, will develop a better sense of self, will know the value of family, will know life skills before going out on their own. I could also state that the kids are not being labeled or grouped or judged. They are being treated as individuals. Of course none of this probably matters to your "send them to school and let them be robots for 8 hours a day," mindset.

I will agree that the public school setting works for some people. I will also agree that the public school setting is appealing in some fashions. But given that we have tried public school and homeschool, we are able to establish that the homeschool setting is what works for our family. Our kids are well rounded, they thrive, they excel, they have friends and they are happy. Do we need more?

I know the socialization issue is big in your mind. But it isn't that we keep them couped in the house and don't let them out in public. They are in gymnastics, Svetlusky,take piano lessons, they go to summer camp and Czech School, they volunteer at the pioneer village (when it's not flooded). They also volunteer their time to help others when in need. They have friends both in and out of town. They can talk to people of all ages, races and types without blinking their eye. They are being influenced by people under our watchful eye. In a public school they would have influences that we can neither control or probably even know about.

The "real world" has been mentioned also. What exactly is the "real world"? Is it standing in line, raising your hand, being shuffled from here to there, being made to conform? Some might argue yes. We disagree. We live in the real world. The world is our classroom. Everything we take in is the real world. We see, eat, hear, breath, touch the real world. We enjoy the real world. Why must you argue that sitting in the classroom is the "real world"? Open your eyes and may be letting the "real world" pass you by.

"Studies show that homeschooled children average between the 80th and 90th percentile, regardless of the socio-economic background, or educational level of the parents." You read that? 80th and 90th percentile! We are involved in our children's education and it shows! Take the time to talk to them, listen to them, let them help the next time they ask. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you hear and see.

I know I am leaving out so much that should be said. But I know it is going toward a deaf ear and a blind eye. If you take away anything from this letter I hope it will be the following...

1. Just because they don't go to school doesn't mean they don't have a use for backpacks. Sweet loves the backpack she was given and it was very hurtful to hear she "didn't need it" because she doesn't go to a real school.

2. It is only hair and if Dill wants his hair to be long don't criticise him. He likes his hair and he likes who he is.

3. Chip may only be 14 in your eye but he is more than capable of helping trim the hedge. Telling him he will cut his finger off only shows your ignorance.

4. Even though you have called my children ignorant, criticized and hurt their feelings, yelled at their daddy and openly don't support their schooling, the picklets still love you very much. They always want to go to your house and spend time with you. Keep that in mind the next time you want to say something. Someday they might not be so forgiving.

© 2008 Wickedpickles-Homefront Lines


Summer Fae said...


Good for you!I am so glad that you are standing up for your family.

Frankie said...

uh oh -- sounds like someone desperately needs some re-educating. You've done a great job standing up for your choices. Don't let it bother you, because your kids come first and you're doing a great job.

BTW, I was watching a PBS show the other night (We get Iowa PBS because we're so close to Iowa) on the Czech schools...fascinating.

Mama B said...

Woo! Yikes! Brava!

Man wish you were closer to DSM I think you'd have a riot at one of our mom's nights!

Freakmom said...

I'm sorry you've been through crud like this. (((hugs)))

And Sweet is right, backpacks (like all bags and purse-like accessories) are really cool!