Wednesday, September 3, 2008


While out looking for firewood this weekend, the guys came walking up the hill, all lugging something big. What the heck???
Upon closer inspection I noticed it was a dock that washed up on land.Since we were camping on the Iowa River it could have come from Belmond or Iowa Falls or Eldora or Union or Chelsea or get the point...with all the flooding the possibilities are endless.It was a very nice dock made with great treated wood and in wonderful condition. The person who lost it was probably just ill at the loss. Well, before I could even open my mouth to ask the question that was on the tip of my tongue, Cool said, "It's a deck, for your birthday." I immediately flash backed to watching Frontier House when Karen Glenn was given a front porch for her birthday.

So, my dad and Cool sawed it in half.
I then had to take Sweet to get ready for a birthday party she had to go to. I informed the guys that I wanted my deck assembled by the time I got back. "NO PROBLEM!" is what I heard.
When I got back this is what I saw. My dad and my boys relaxing on the deck that overlooks the lake.
Throughout the weekend the boys took advantage of the deck and whittled quite a bit.
Millie the Wonder Dog also took advantage of the deck every chance she got. There is just something so American about a dog laying on a front porch, isn't there?This was definitely a memorable gift. Not only have I never had a deck while camping, I can guarantee we were the only camper in the entire campground who had a deck.

On Sunday before we left, I took a picture I have entitled All Hands on Deck. Now I have a picture to remind me of my 38th birthday gift from Cool. Sadly, we had to leave my deck there when we left. Strapping it to the top of the camper just wasn't possible though the picklets tried and tried to talk us into it. Hopefully the next camper will take advantage of the little piece of luxury we enjoyed on our lake front property.

Happy Trails~~~

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